Ioanna Liberta’s pieces are a result of human collaboration and intelligence. Each work involves creative brainstorming and continuous exchange of expertise from artists that have been in the silver & gold industry for many years.

The feeling in the lab is almost like a family business with moments of tension and tenderness, different approaches but common moral codes. The lab is the heart and soul, the place where all the magic happens…



Born in the late 90’s, Mirto Hatzimihail has the gift of giving soul to numerous of our stone sculptured designs.

She completed her studies in one of the most famous marble carving schools, the School of Fine Arts of Panormos Tinos (the art of marble-carving is an expression of the cultural identity of Tinos, and it was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2015). She continues her studies with a scholarship in Athens School of Fine Arts.

Mirto joins our creative process as an external collaborator, and every time we work with her we feel confident that we will create the most charming carved pieces.